Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Accident

So, we're home! Ok, not that many people knew that we were gone, but it sure is nice to be in our own spot again. This week is a holiday week for Europe- Labor Day was on Thursday, and most people had a four day weekend. Whahoo... we're going to Paris! Not!
After a long day of running errands W. and I arrive home Tuesday afternoon to have a nap and start packing for our trip. We were both tired, and I was not being too careful. You know, you forget how little your little ones are until something happens.
Living where we do, we do not have closets, we have wardrobes. So I set W. down on the chair by the wardrobe, and I remove our shoes, and jackets, and I start putting things away so we can have a peaceful nap. I close the wardrobe door, and I hear a horrible scream. I cringe as I turn around and I see that W. is holding her hand and I realise since the door on the wardrobe didn't shut all the way, that I've pinched her hand in the jam of the door.
Not so. She had put her tiny little fingers in the jam, and her middle finger on the left side was almost completely severed. OMG. I can not even begin to describe the horror of this situation. What do I do? How do I help my baby? I quickly grab her and run over to the neighbors. They're not home. I run back to our house, and I call 112 (emergency 911). The man who answers is speaking German! I can't even begin to get the words out to ask for help... Finally I calm down enough to have him send an ambulance to our house. Meanwhile, W. is crying, but she is not hysterical. She is asking me questions between pain bursts, and is holding up better then I am.
We wait on the street for the ambulance, and after 10 minutes they arrive. There is no rush with these medics... I am worried. We go to the nearest hospital, and wait. Daddy shows up, scared out of his mind, and demanding answers. Finally the doctors arrive. Ah, they say, there is nothing they can do for her here, this is not a place for children. We better take her to the children's hospital 30 minutes away, maybe they can help. I am panicked about now. Why isn't anybody doing anything?!
A bone jarring ride later (we made it going 100 mph in 20 min) we arrive at the children's hospital. Still we wait. When the doctor comes in, he says, yes, she will need surgery to reattach the finger. Duh! Can we do it now please!
W. is taken up to the surgery ward where she is taken from my arms and placed into the surgeons assistants' to be prepped for her surgery. After 2 hours, she is finally having something done.
Now mind you, it is now 6pm, this little girl hasn't had a nap, and she's just gone through major trauma. She is still going strong. I can't believe how brave and strong she is, it really is amazing.
Around 645 they bring her to her daddy and I, and we are able to hold her while she recovers from the anesthesia. She is very upset, and mad, mostly because she doesn't have her baby. So, daddy takes a trip home to gather a few essentials, and most importantly, baby. By 930pm, all is right in W.'s world again, and she is cheerfully watching Cinderella in German, and snuggling baby and momma.
So, now it is day 5. We are home from the hospital, and all is right in W.'s world again. We had to stay so long in the hospital because she was on IV antibiotics, and because they wanted her to be there in case anything should happen. She loved it. From sunrise to sunset, there were lots of playmates, new toys and videos to explore. She had her favorite foods, and best of all mommy and daddy were there- along with baby of course.
But let me tell you, I understand the importance of lessons. I know that sometimes you have to go the hard way to get it to stick in your mind. What I don't understand is why my baby had to be used in the example that was made for me. I know that from now on I am going to be extremely careful with all kinds of doors. I know that I am going to slow down and follow W.'s schedule more closely. I know now that my family is the most important aspect of my day. But still why was it that my baby was the one to suffer? I would have done anything to prevent this, and now I must be extra diligent in my care taking. This has been a hard week. A hard lesson learned.
I am grateful though that W. is fine and doesn't seem affected by the events of the past week. She is mostly sore from the catheter that was in her arm, but doesn't seem bothered at all by her finger. The doctors say that there will most likely be a small scar, and her finger should be returned to the way it was. Small miracles that I am thankful for.

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