Monday, April 21, 2008

Week 104 of Mommyhood...

Tuesday the 15th of April, my precious baby turned 2. Where did all that time go? I mean I understand when you loose a day or two, but 104 weeks?! I still think about when I was pregnant, and the anticipation of her arrival. Then I realise that she is already here, and what a completement to my life she's brought.
Anyone can tell you that it is wonderful to be a mother. However until you're there, you really have no idea. You have no idea how great your own mother is, and how much you can truly love someone. I remember the first week after W. was born, I cried every day thinking how beautiful she was, and how was I- me, just a simple person, going to care for her for all her life? What a huge responsibility; was I the right person for this task? And I'm sure hormones had nothing to do with the overwhelming feelings of everything, but being the steward of another person is a very large task.

Now, two years later, I find it is her, not I doing the care taking. I now have someone who tells me when to brush my teeth, which way to drive on the road, and even someone to chew bits of my sandwich! I really am very lucky, and don't understand why people don't have 15-20 children these days... humm.... maybe this bit of logic will convince my dear husband to produce another!

But more on having a two year old. W. is a great little girl to be around. Until you go against her wishes. I have always been told that I'm a little bossy. Whoa, have you ever met a toddler? If it's not her way, it's the highway. Tears and tantrums on the floor of the grocery isle are common events around here. Though so are toy-picker-upers, book readers, and dinner assistants. Toddler hood is like a spring storm. Sometimes rough, sometimes mild, but there will always be a little sun in your day, and lots of pretty blooms.

Saturday the 19th we had a BBQ birthday party for the princess. A new Weber grill was installed on the patio, and enough food to feed our village was provided. And presents. Oodles of paper covered packages and small people to open them. Although, presents are not the highlight of the party here. It's the $1 balloon bag that had the children entertained for hours. But for all the work provided, it was a lot of fun. It always is when W.'s around, and when we can have friends to share a meal with. So here's a big thank you to everyone who helped make W.'s party so much fun!
And now I'll leave with a few parting shots:

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