Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summers in Virginia

Summer 2011

Snow cone tongue

buckets at the beach

nekked 4 wheeling

loving the cats

Visitors from Germany

Sandy toes

Hope for green things

meeting new friends



sweaty brows

toothy smiles

sailing with dad

relaxing with mom

the most handsome man ever...

taking it all in

teaching little brother things he needs to know

killing me with those eyes

don't mess with my breakfast

tea parties with new friends

snuggles in the shade

packages from Germany

can't stop eating...
watermelon as big as your head

talking to apa (grandpapa)

hairy chins

busch gardens

fun where ever we go

fun at home too

rocking the euro short

learning to swim like a fish

catching her first fish! (on a $9.99 Barbie fishing pole no less)

eating the fruits of her labor

homemade ice cream


♥Pretty♥ <---- check out my girl!

What have you been doing with your summer?

Second time around

I know this is late coming, but it is what it is.

TWO! It's been two years that our boy has been been enhancing our lives. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. He is such a little boy too- full of grins and mischief. His favorite things are cars and boats. Especially boats on the water. Every time we drive by a boat or water, he makes sure that everyone in the car is aware of this by yelling enthusiastically WATER! BOAT! WATER! WATER! BOAT! -His dad has taken to driving out of the way to avoid circumstances where we might encounter these things.

because why would you need a fork?!

gifts from afar

Don't you want this guy working your lawn mower?!

Cars cakelets

they be good!

He's not all boats and cars though- he's a stunt man. I like to think he's pretending he's a cannon ball when he hurls himself into pools, not that he's deliberately trying to turn my hair grey. He loves his sister and asks where Itney is when she's not around. Books are becoming a favorite too- as long as they're filled with cars. Or boats.

All in all, two has been pretty fun. Our boy is growing into a lovely little person, and I'm excited to see where the next year takes us.