Sunday, April 18, 2010

4tune smiles upon us...

Today was fourth in what we wish to be a long line of birthdays. And it was a good one... here's a little recap of our day.
W. woke up happy and excited to no longer be three. Her wonderful ma made her a birthday pettiskirt and she had a new shirt to wear for school. It was probably the fastest she has ever gotten undressed and redressed in her life.
For breakfast she was served waffles with whipped cream and to top them off, granny Archer made her a special birthday topper!
At school, all of the kinder (children) knew that it was her special day and she was given a special birthday hat:

After school we met some friends at the park! The fun never stopped....
How old are you today W.?
After spending hours at the park, we came home to open a few packages...
And she may or may not have gotten something that she liked:
After packages and fun, we went to our local pizzaria and had a nice little dinner. Then it was home to wash up and go to bed. Whew, who knew that four could be so exhausting!


The fun continues on Saturday for the big party at PeeWees

All of the girls had little dolls to snack on, and the boys had volcanoes (in honor of Iceland)
There was even face painting... and another opportunity to wear fancy clothes!
Unfortunately for some, they were too young to have cake... but they wanted some!
In the end, all the kids ended up in the mouth of a large fish... the party was a great success!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter drawings...

Today is W.'s 5th Easter! That means that birthday #4 is not too far off. Today however was all about the rabbit, and how good he was to her today. Last night she was given a new dress for spring and this morning she couldn't wait to try it on... then take it off and try other things on. She is a girl who loves clothes! She is also a girl who loves chocolates... and this morning she found them all over the house. Egg hunting is a lot of fun- especially when your little brother is content to lay on the floor and chew on a piece of paper. .
In the basket there was a small package of crayons- I've got a little Picasso on my hands these days and her grandparents send all sorts of craft supplies.
To keep the girl occupied while I was making a dish for dinner tonight, I sat her down at the table and let her draw on a paper bag. Here's an excerpt from the following conversation:

W: "look here's a picture of daddy... he's a good bad guy."

me: "oh, that's lovely honey."
a few minutes pass...
W: "no, that's not right, daddy needs a penis"
me: slightingly cracking up in the kitchen... I peek around the corner to see what J's reaction is to this- he's sitting on the couch reading a book with a smirk on his face.
W: "there, here's daddy with a penis"
J: from the other room "how does our daughter know so much about male anatomy?!"
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