Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter drawings...

Today is W.'s 5th Easter! That means that birthday #4 is not too far off. Today however was all about the rabbit, and how good he was to her today. Last night she was given a new dress for spring and this morning she couldn't wait to try it on... then take it off and try other things on. She is a girl who loves clothes! She is also a girl who loves chocolates... and this morning she found them all over the house. Egg hunting is a lot of fun- especially when your little brother is content to lay on the floor and chew on a piece of paper. .
In the basket there was a small package of crayons- I've got a little Picasso on my hands these days and her grandparents send all sorts of craft supplies.
To keep the girl occupied while I was making a dish for dinner tonight, I sat her down at the table and let her draw on a paper bag. Here's an excerpt from the following conversation:

W: "look here's a picture of daddy... he's a good bad guy."

me: "oh, that's lovely honey."
a few minutes pass...
W: "no, that's not right, daddy needs a penis"
me: slightingly cracking up in the kitchen... I peek around the corner to see what J's reaction is to this- he's sitting on the couch reading a book with a smirk on his face.
W: "there, here's daddy with a penis"
J: from the other room "how does our daughter know so much about male anatomy?!"
Go here for more photos!

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