Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thorn, NL

Today we took a trip. A girls only trip. Not saying that we wouldn't allow any boys to go with us, but there were none to be had, so we were off on our own. I had been hearing about a little town in Holland for a while now, and we decided that today was the day to check it out. What a wonderful treat we were exposed to. Thorn NL, is a beautiful little village just outside of Eindhoven and Maastricht situated on the Maas River. This little village boasts a pretty little church that dates back to the 10th century. The church has been built up and added on, but once was part of an abby. We were able to tour the church, and view it's museum quality artifacts, and explore the crypts... they even had mummies! W. enjoyed the many stairs there were to climb- they are all about her level, and her aunt Allison who's visting fell in love with the surrounding houses.

After such an exhusting trek through the church, we had to stop at The Pannekoekenbakker and stuff ourselves with the most amazing pancakes. Now these are not your American style butter and syrup pancakes (though they have those too). These are the pancakes dreams are made of. With over 300 topping choices, these crepe style pancakes fill you up and do not leave you wanting.

With so much good food, we needed a few moments to collect ourselves and tour the village to burn those delicious callories. Fortunately Thorn is picturesque, and we had no problem enjoying ourselves as we toured the streets. Many houses have the dates they were built published on their door frames, but even when they didn't, you could tell that you were looking at old rather then new. Unlike most villages we've seen in the Neatherlands, Thorn has a unique architecture, white washed buildings, and interesting shops. This is one place that we'll definately be going back to.

Old Abby wall (800's)

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