Friday, October 21, 2011


Hooray for fall! Hooray for pretty leaves and globes of orange dotting the landscape. Hooray mostly for cooler weather! Whew, it's been hot here in Virginia these past few months. Not that I'm complaining- 31/2 years in northern Germany will make anyone appreciate the sun. I am appreciating every season here though, and by far my favorite is fall. There's so much to see and do, places to go and holidays to celebrate.
In anticipation of Halloween (or as the schools like to call it: Fall Festival) W's class was invited out to the pumpkin patch. There the kids were treated to a short lesson in animal husbandry, a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch, a choice of a pumpkin in a field so large it would make any decision difficult and a picnic at a playground! As little brother is attached to my hip at all times (well, except when it's dangerous, then he thinks he can go off by himself) he was able to attend the field trip too with his chaperon mom. It's good to have connections when you're two. Here are the photos of our outing, happy fall, y'all!

hay ride

choosing is sooooo difficult!

although for some people, the choice was easy.

Geeze mom, do I have to carry this all the way back?!

more hay riding
If you're interested, here's where we went:

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Momma Roo said...

What a grand Autumn adventure! So glad you & Taylor could be a part of her 1st field trip in Kindergarten. Sweet,sweet memorie!