Friday, April 22, 2011

It all happens at five!

Or so I'm told... For months all I've been hearing is that "when I'm five, I can do anything, all by myself." Well, five has arrived! And while there is still a fair bit of help involved, our little girl is growing up. I remember when I was five, and it's kind of a big deal- she's going to have memories that we make together. This needs to be special.

Since we've just moved back to the US form Germany, we're living in temporary lodging. We have a few suitcases of our own stuff and the military has loaned us an apartment. Add a few decorations and voila, instant party!

Gifts from our friends the Buecheners!

Oh la, la... Hello Kitty!

A girls dream... lots of wrapping paper, lots of unwrapping to do!

Practicing the "I can do it myself" bubble blowing.


Playing is hard work... she had already visited her cats at their hotel, had lunch at Red Robin, watched a video and was getting ready for a small party at Chuck E. Cheeses'- all the anticipation sacked her out on the 5 minute car ride!

Our Realtors joined us along with some new friends for the birthday girl.  
And not to be forgotten... little brother shared a lot of love and a lot more drool with his big sis of 5!

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