Thursday, January 14, 2010


So this was an unplanned holiday hop for us. While talking one evening, J. mentioned how he would love to visit the country of Slovenia. Being the sly wife that I am, I went up and looked up flights to Eastern Europe. I thought, great, here is an awesome cheap flight to Slovakia! We booked the trip for three days during J.'s birthday. Later that night as we were getting ready for bed he casually mentioned- did I know that he wanted to go to Slovenia, not Slovakia right?! Hand-slap-to-my-forehead...
Slovakia bound we were, and not knowing what to expect. The communists had control over the area for the past few decades, so we were not expecting anything pretty or extraordinary. I'm glad that we didn't set our sights too high. Arriving at the airport at 8am, we were driven to our hotel/ apartment (the best thing about the trip) where we were let in early to relax. We'd been up since 230 that morning, and were ready for a nap.
Visiting the city, there are not many tourist sights to see- hence the cheap flight there? We visited the cathedral for St. Martin:,_Bratislava and then went to see the castle.
The castle in Bratislava has a very rich history, however, the structure you see today is a reconstruction. After years of conflict in the area, the damage to the castle was too much, so in 1957 a reconstruction project was started- which is still not finished today.
To our luck, there was a nice little Christmas market happening in the main square area. We were able to bide our time looking over the interesting food options and sampling the hot alcoholic beverages.
J. did mention that the Church of St. Elisabeth was one of the bast he'd seen in Europe. I thought that it was pretty, but not the best.
Our trip home was uneventful, and our overall impression of the city was blase at best. Since Slovakia wasn't on either of our travel lists, we were glad to have been able to see it, but most probably won't be going back.

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