Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, it’s been a while. We’ve been out and about, and I’ve left you in the dark- no posts, no emails, nothing. It’s like a relationship that’s gone sour, but I’m here to do my best to make it sweet again.
It’s been over a year since W. and I have seen the US, and we were feeling a little homesick, and a little lonely for the company of our family. Lufthansa had a pretty good deal on tickets from Frankfurt to Portland, so we took them up on their offer, and headed out west- 13 hours west, to visit Oregon.
W. did wonderful on the plane. She is still two- and only had a slight bruise from bouncing off the seat onto her head, but we made the trip will little incidence. We were greeted with a warm welcome by Nana and Papa at the airport and whisked off back to my childhood home. For two weeks we were able to relax in the company of friends and family. We visited the Salem carousel, ate at Taco Bell and took the dogs to the park. W. and I had a great time- especially when shopping and W. had Nana wrapped around her finger. Can you believe that W. has a new spring wardrobe from the three shopping outings she took with her grandma?!
W. and I also had a visit to the hair stylist. Now that she’s almost 3 we decided that it was finally time for her first hair cut. (She now finally has some hair to cut!) She did wonderful- she was told that she was the princess, and she loved the pampering. After the cut was finished, she wanted another! I too had a hair change- I’ve wanted to donate my hair for a long time to Locks of Love, : and my hair was crazy long- so I did it! W. and I are both very happy with our new appearances.
We also needed to visit family in Idaho, so we hopped on another plane and were able to sojourn at Great-grandma Noni’s in Twin Falls for a few days before heading out to Homedale to see our friend Helen. In all, we were in Idaho for a week- rode horses, saw lots of cows and I reconsidered my retirement choices. I forgot how cold the desert can be!
Back to Oregon for 10 more days to catch up on zoo life in Portland, check out all the restaurants that we missed the first time, and fill our bags with ‘American’ things before heading back home. We had a wonderful time in the states, and we really enjoyed being able to spend so much time with our friends and family. It was very difficult to have been gone from Daddy for a month, but we were fortunate to have good long distance and SKYPE.
Since we’ve been back, we’ve been trying to get back into our routine, and settle in for the little BOY who is to be joining our family in July. Now that things are settled here, expect to see more travel posts!

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